Ram Sales

We would like to thank our clients and Elders Gundagai for a very successful 2018 sale.

Our 2018 sale rams are in excellent condition despite the tough season. They are showing the gradual improvement in quality that we are expecting from our investment in AI genetics, and a strict scanning, classing and measurement program. We look forward to seeing new and return buyers on the day, and we are sure our rams will offer outstanding value.

A sale catalogue with full production figures and up to date body weights will be available on the day.

Online Sale Catalogue available here – Glen Iris Ram Sale List 2018

Following the sale on October 4th, surplus Rams will be available by appointment.

Ewes for Sale

Glen Iris’ offers excellent quality surplus ewes for sale.

Top quality 5½ year old ewes will be available from our own commercial flock following shearing in September. These are strong and fertile ewes with sound mouths and udders and are ideal for joining to either Bond rams to breed replacement ewes, or terminal sires.

We will be offering for sale this year at our annual sale on the 4th of October 220 2013 drop ewes. These are sound mouthed, late August shorn, gudair vaccinated, classed breeders.

‘Glen Iris’ also has surplus 18-month-old ewes for sale each year. The bottom 10-15% of our ewe lambs are classed out and sold through the sale yards or over the hooks each season and are not sold as breeders.

You can be guaranteed that our surplus young ewes have good confirmation and will make great breeding stock for years to come.

You will benefit from our strict breeding and classing program with the purchase of ‘Glen Iris’ Bond ewes. The muscle and fat scanning undertaken since 1994 has helped to create an excellent maternal ewe that provides multi-income streams.

Please contact us for enquiries regarding ewe sales.

Next Sale Thursday October 4th 2018