We would like to thank all buyers and underbidders for their support at our on property ram sale last Thursday. We would particularly like to thank Bruce and Michael Mcgregor for their increased number of purchases this year and wish them well as they expand their enterprise with the purchase of an additional property.

Geoff Roberts took home to Pulletop, three excellent rams including the top priced at $2100 and also the equal second top priced at $1900.

Peter and Dean Daley also purchased three rams for their Nangus property to a top of $1500.

Peter and Jim Lindley paid $1900 for their ram and others to buy were John Molineux, Phillip Davis, Leigh and Louise Kingman and Charlie and Damien Burns.

We thank Abb McAlister and Elders Gundagai for conducting the sale and Tim McMeekin Elders Wagga for his purchase of six rams on behalf of a Victorian client.

In summary 30 specially selected rams sold for an average price $1300 and some additional flock rams were sold afterwards to top up requirements.

We wish all our clients well with their purchases.

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